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2019년 한국-핀란드-스웨덴 다자간 국제공동기술개발사업 공고

The Republic of Korea, Finland, Sweden

Promotional Joint Call for Eurostars Projects


Deadline for Project Outlines Cut-Off 12: 15th June 2019

Deadline for Eurostars Applications Cut-Off 12: 12th of September 2019



■ Call description


The Republic of Korea, Finland and Sweden actively participating in Eurostars2 jointly announce a Promotional Call for Project Ideas within the Eurostars2 programme. The main objective of this call is to stimulate the generation of Eurostars projects. The call focuses on developing innovative products, applications and services with a strong market potential. Although Eurostars2 calls are open for projects within all technology areas, this promotional call specially focuses on


● Smart Mobility


● Smart Industry


● Circular Economy


● Smart Health


● Smart Energy



■ Key dates


● Opening of the Call: The 1st of April 2019


● Brokerage Events:

○ EUREKA Global Innovation Summit in Manchester (The UK): 14th-16th of May 2019


● Submission of Project Outlines:

○ For Eurostars 2019 cut-off 12 free until 15th of June 2019, earlier dates recommended.


● National comments to submitted Project Outlines are given within 4 weeks from submission


● Eurostars2 call deadline:

○ Cut-off 12: The 12th of September 2019, 20:00 CET



■ Eurostars 2 Eligibility criteria


Applicants will be invited to present proposals according to the Eurostars criteria:


● The main applicant (the co-ordinator of the project) is a R&D performing SME.


● The project consortium should consist of at least 2 partners from two different countries.


● The lead organization of the consortium must be an R&D performing SME. Other SMEs, large enterprises and research institutes/universities are welcome to participate as additional participants or subcontractors.


● At least 50% (excluding subcontracting costs) of the project must be performed by the participating R&D performing SME(s)


● Industrial and innovation actors from other countries may also participate, as long as they are funded through their own national (Eurostars) schemes or participate with own resources.


● One country or one partner cannot represent more than 75% of the project budget.


The proposals will be submitted to Eurostars in September 2019. The national funding bodies KIAT, Vinnova and Business Finland will give their comments to the applicants if they present a Project Outline during 2019 (phase 1).



■ Submission and approval procedure


Project Outline commented [Phase1 - optional]

In order to check the eligibility of your project and to assist you with improving your application, we advise you to share a short description of your application, using the project outline form, with the Eurostars contact persons from the Republic of Korea (KIAT), Finland (Business Finland), and Sweden (VINNOVA). The project consortium shall decide who will be the main partner, and the main partner sends the joint project outline to the national Eurostars contacts at KIAT, Vinnova and Business Finland.


The project outlines are received until the 15th of June 2019, but applicants are invited to submit the project outlines as early as possible. The applicants will get a short feedback from their national organisation within 4 weeks. This feedback is meant to improve the chances in the Eurostars Call.


Link to the project outline form : ‘click here


Full Eurostars application [Phase2]

In order to submit the full application, you must register on the Eurostars website and upload your proposal directly in the Eurostars application platform, latest on the 12th September 2019 at 20:00 CET. (Or, you can delay your application to the next cut-off date in februari 2020.)


The Eurostars application is submitted by the main partner on behalf of the consortium. The application shall be evaluated in the general Eurostars evaluation, independently from the project outline comments given by KIAT, VINNOVA or Business Finland.


Link to the Eurostars application form: https://www.eurostars-eureka.eu/apply-funding


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